Young Minds Pledged To Protect The Environment

dsc_0130More than 350 students at Shoshit Samadhan School pledged to take action towards protecting the environment.  The students expressed their views in a paintings competition held at school premises on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’. A special film was also screened on the occasion to make students aware about depleting environmental resources.

5 June every year witnesses the efforts of environmentalists all over the world, who recognise the need for a coordinated global focus and make conserving the environment and our natural resources a priority. The purpose of the event was to increase awareness of the importance of conserving the environment and engage in activities that serve to educate and improve their environment locally.

“Since Children and young people are both shapers of and shaped by the world around them, therefore every child deserves the best of environment for overall wellbeing,” said Ms. Akanksha Upadhyay, Head Programs, CEED. “To put children, as center of clean and healthy environment and to make them the custodian of it is the right step towards making their future safe, secure and healthy”, she added.

At a time when the environment is under severe threat of collapsing under the immense burden the humans have put on it, a vast majority still has no understanding of these issues. Children are the flag bearers of the future and their unpolluted minds should be introduced to saving the planet from the monstrosities that humans have been inflicting on it over thousands of years.

While speaking on the occasion, Mr. R. Jha, the deputy director of BREDA urged “the students to be more responsible about their surrounding environment. There has to be a call to action for decision makers to take steps towards conservation of environment and improve the overall environment for future generation.  A healthy and clean environment is prerequisite for every child’s development and putting them as center of action is the first step in right direction”, he concluded.

The event was organised by Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) with the help of Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) at Shoshit Samadhan School, Patna.