Students from St. Xavier School, Patna form giant human art banner to spread renewable energy message

Patna, 20 August, 2015

Hundreds of students joined Centre for Environment and Energy development (CEED) on national renewable energy day, to form a giant human art design in the shape of a sun with the message“Renewable Energy. Empowering Bihar”.This is a part of CEED’s campaign to generate awareness about renewable energy and asking political parties, government and other stakeholders to seriously work for renewable energy to make Bihar self sustainable.

CEED is running the 100% Renewable energy Bihar Campaign and many people including Indian celebrities from Bihar and other stakeholders have expressed their desire to participate in the campaign.

The 100% RE Bihar campaign was launched on July 31st and aim to reach out to 1 lakh people to demand and support the usage of renewable energy. The campaign aims to ask political parties to include the agenda of renewable energy in their manifestos.Bihar has witnessed the fastest growth in recent years. However, this growth cannot be sustained without self secured energy supply. “Bihar’s power shortage problem could be addressed by switching to renewable energy”, said Ramapati Kumar, Chief Executive officer (CEO) of CEED.

“On the occasion of renewable energy day more than 250 students of St. Xavier school expressed their solidarity for a renewable energy evolution by creating the image of sun through human formation. We are urging the political parties and government to invest more and more in renewable energy”, said, Ms. Ankita Jyoti, Program manger, CEED.
She added, “Bihar has the potential to generate 18,000 MW of renewable energy and it must be demonstrated with strong political will to implement it. Bihar cannot grow without developing a roadmap to harness more and more of renewable energy.”
While talking on National renewable energy day, Father Jacob, principal of St.Xavier’s school highlighted the importance of saving climate and protect the future of children. He said, “what better way to communicate other than children themselves giving message to people that “its time to move to renewable now”.