Students demand Government to issue health advisory for bad air quality days.


CEED organised a human banner formation at B. D. Public School in Patna. Students of the school participated in large numbers at the event and made a formation that spelled out “Save Our Lungs”. The event was hosted by CEED to raise awareness towards the deteriorating air quality in Patna and amplify the voices of students in their demand to take immediate steps towards improving the air quality. The students formed a human banner to urge the government to issue health advisory and take up other proactive measures to minimize health risks concerned with air pollution.

Based on the data from the air quality monitoring devices installed, CEED’s recent report, “Unsafe Indoors- Air Pollution bulletin for schools of Patna”, found high exposure to air pollution prevalent inside the educational institutes of the city. The study also underlines the vulnerability of the younger population towards short-term particulate matter exposer of PM2.5. The report called for immediate actions to curb the levels of air pollution in the city.

While talking at the event, Ms. Ankita Jyoti, Program Manager at CEED stated that “the children are more susceptible to air pollution because their immune system and lungs are still developing. In addition, children spend more time outside, where the pollution levels from various sources are generally higher.” Ms. Ankita further added that the children of Patna have taken a positive step by raising awareness against air pollution, and now its high time that the Bihar government takes action to curb this menace. As an immediate response to health impacts attributed to the worsening air pollution levels, the Government must develop a graded response action plan starting with institutions like schools.”

“We want government and citizens of Patna to focus on increasing air pollution levels and the related health impacts. The pollution levels are so severe that our children are neither safe indoors or outdoors”, said Mrs. Madhawi Kumari, Principal of B.D. Public School, Patna.

An enthusiastic participant at the school, Ms. Shailja from class X said that “I am happy and delighted to be a part of this giant human banner formation. The pollution levels in Patna is choking everyone, especially the young vulnerable children. The citizens and the government must come together and fight against this to restore healthy air in the city.”

A picture speaks a thousand words, and can stir up a revolution. CEED along with the students of B. D. Public School marked a silent revolution against air pollution where hundreds of students came together and urged the government to “Save Our Lungs” in order to save the citizens of Patna from breathing toxic air.