Students demand Government for Concrete Action to Curb Air Pollution in Patna

ceed-dsc_7315Over 350 students of B. D. Public School, laid their bodies down to form a giant human banner saying “Care for Air” to draw attention towards poor air quality in Patna. The human banner formation was organised as a part of Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) ‘Care for Air’ campaign to demonstrate student’s concern, support for immediate urgent steps towards improving the air quality in Patna. The campaign urges Government to implement ‘Solar Roof Top Program’ to reduce emissions from diesel in non-domestic sector. Annually, the non-domestic sector in Patna consumes 81 lakh litres of diesel emitting dangerous 35000 kg of Particulate matter in atmosphere that leads to air pollution.

At present, CEED is running ‘Care for Air’ campaign in Patna to educate public and seek their support to request Bihar government to implement urgent steps required for curbing alarming air pollution in the city. The campaign aims to directly mobilize one lakh people with signatures for the implementation of Solar Roof Top Program. The cycle rickshaw drivers of Patna are acting as flag bearer to facilitate ‘Care for Air’ campaign and encourage the city dwellers to sign up the petition for taking action to curb the air pollution.

While talking at the event, Ms. Ankita Jyoti, Program Manager, CEED, stated that “the children are more susceptible to air pollution because their immune system and lungs are still developing”. In addition, children spend more time outside, where the concentrations of pollution from various sources are generally higher. Children of Patna have taken positive step by showing their solidarity against air pollution and now its high time for Bihar government to take action to curb air pollution, Ms. Jyoti concluded.

“We want government and citizens of Patna to focus on growing air pollution and related health impacts”, said, Mrs. Madhawi Kumari Principal, B.D. Public School Patna. It’s time for the government to imply emphasis on air quality and take concrete steps. Among many recommendations to reduce the burden of air pollution, the immediate phasing out of diesel generator can regulate the concentration of pollutant in atmosphere to larger extent. “It is urgent, that the government should stop pollution from diesel generators and recognise the importance of the solar in regulating air pollution”, Kumari further added.

I am happy and delighted to be part of this giant human banner formation ‘ Care for Air’, said Ms. Monali Singh student of class IX. By participating in this activity, gave me sense of responsibility, now I urge citizens and government to take immediate action to reduce air pollution in city and make it more livable and healthy place. The event was a revolution against air pollution, where no chanting, no harangues; just hundreds of students using their bodies to form an image ‘I Care for Air’ to send loud and clear message for everyone concerned.