School students exhibit exemplary responsibilities to protect environment

Patna 15th December, 2015: The Champions of Earth Award ceremony, for excellence in exhibiting leadership skills and proliferating the message to go for sound and sustainable environment, was organised by CEED at Patna Central High School. Monali Singh from B.D.Public School swept first prize, Shipi Kumari from St.Michels High School won the second and the third prize went to Shivam Convent of the competition “Hear us out” beating more than 3000 students of Patna.

The competition was organised in schools as part of CEED’s 100% Bihar campaign to educate people about renewable energy. Students across the schools managed to reach out about 200,000 people to get support for usage of renewable energy. It was a forum through which students had to reach out to their parents and neighbourhood to collect support for renewable energy. The project helped the students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of a syllabi.

While addressing the students, Shri Acharya Sudarshan Maharaj, Director of Patna Central School complimented the students for the role they had played in sustaining the environment. If students are empowered with right information and knowledge, they can be the saviours of the environment. ” While people emphasise the importance of ‘living sustainably, environment remains a peripheral issue in the formal schooling system. It continues to be viewed more as an extracurricular activity and less as a subject”, said, Dr. Manish Kumar, Additional Secretary, Education Department.

The school outreach competition served students as a wonderful opportunity to provide leadership skills, generate awareness and enable them to take up activities in the real world.  The students demonstrated great leadership qualities by making a big commitment for renewable energy and we are extremely happy to notice a great enthusiasm shown by students to participate in the 100% Bihar campaign, said Ankita Jyoti, Program manger, CEED.

The school outreach event witnessed participation of 3000 students across twenty schools from Patna. Recognition of students and enrolling them as lifetime member of “Planet Paltan” club will go a long way to serve and protect India’s environment. Student participating in the conference acknowledged and pledged;
 “The earth is what we all have common responsibility!!, Don’t Be Mean Go Green.”