Renewable energy: A sustainable alternative

CEED organized a consultation on renewable energy as a sustainable alternative in Ranchi on 17 March, 2016. Jharkhand imports most of its energy, making it difficult to become self-sustained in the long run. Renewable energy can energize and revolutionize the state. A resurgent Jharkhand can chart out an alternative development pathway through decentralized energy infrastructure to provide energy to its population in an equitable and sustainable manner.

Around 50 participants including researchers, journalists, academicians from central university of Jharkhand, Ranchi University, NIT and civil society activists took part in the discussion. The broad recommendations of the workshop were:

  • Benchmarking and standardization of renewable energy products and parts
  • Linking the renewable energy sector with skill building
  • More robust policy for off-grid
  • Adopting other renewable sources besides solar, based on feasibility analyses
  • Knowledge sharing across researchers, academicians and other stakeholders in planning process
  • Service delivery accountability to be integrated with policies
  • Integrate renewable energy based support to essential services like health, education and sanitation