PUC process in Patna requires immediate attention: CEED report


70 % of diesel vehicles tested in Patna do not possess a PUC certificate

23rd December, 2018, Patna: The Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate process in its present form in Patna needs systematic overhauling as it is ineffective in  its implementation and compliances. More than 70 % of all diesel vehicles ( largely the public fleet such as Buses, Commercial diesel taxi and Auto etc) that were tested for pollution control in Patna do not have  PUC Certificate and among those which possess PUC certificate, overwhelming 83 % have dubious certificates acquired through questionable means. Even 24% of the Petrol vehicles mainly the private and individual users  do not have PUC certificates as well. These disturbing findings, which have a direct impact on the deteriorating air quality of city, have come to light in a study conducted by the Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) for Patna Traffic Police in month of June, 2018. (1)

The study “ Assessment of Vehicles Compliance with the PUC program in Patna” is based on the assessment of an on-road PUC test drive for two days that was carried  out by CEED with support from Patna Traffic Police.  The PUC tests were carried  out with a certified agency at major traffic intersections such as Gandhi Maidan, Ashok Rajpath, Patna-Danapur Road, Bailey Road, Harding Road and Kankarbagh Road.  The instruments used for checking the emissions were Diesel Smoke Meter for diesel fleets and 4-Gas Analyzer for petrol driven vehicles

While explaining the findings, Ms. Ankita Jyoti, Senior Program Officer of CEED said that “apart from poor implementation of PUC process, a significant number of end-of-life vehicles on city road worsening the air quality situation in Patna. It was surprising to find that 16% of the total inspected / tested vehicles were older than  10 years and  were still running on roads. The report also highlighted the poor state of affairs of public transport in the city of Patna. Most of the buses inspected in the study did not have the PUC certificate and they also failed in the On-Road PUC test. Not only that 35% of all tested buses were not having the necessary equipment such as an alternator for the PUC test. We also observed that the majority of vehicles were given shoddy PUC certificate even without being physically tested.”

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