100% Uttar Pradesh

The problem:

With a population of 166 million, Uttar Pradesh (UP) is India’s most populated state. UP occupies an important position in the historical and cultural timeline of India. However, rapid urbanisation and development have plagued it with various environmental issues that need urgent action.

According to the World Health Organisation, five of India’s 20 most polluted cities are in UP. As per the 2005 inventory, UP is the highest emitting state of India that contributes to nearly 14% of national greenhouse gases. 80 million people in the rural parts of the state, and 5 million people in urban area, are still living without access to modern electricity. Improper solid waste disposal has compromised the quality of land, water and air.

The solution:

The 100% UP campaign aims at creating a sustainable environment in the state by moving towards renewable energy; highlighting measures for healthy air and clean water and ensuring proper waste management.

If enough citizens demand it, our political leaders have to follow through. Join us and our partners Care4Air to tell UP’s political leaders to make UP a self-sustainable state with 100% clean energy, clean air, clean water and zero waste solutions.

Let’s make Uttar Pradesh a 100% champion state. Join us in our efforts to #CleanUP

Please note 100% Uttar Pradesh is a collaborative campaign led by different civil society groups. CEED is not accountable for the use of the campaign branding and elements by other organisations.