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New renewable energy policy makes Bihar energy sufficient by 2022
CEED along with other civil societies congratulate the Bihar Government for approving the new Policy for Promotion of New and Renewable Energy, 2017, in its cabinet meeting today. This policy will help Bihar reach energy sufficiency in the next five years by adding 3433 MW of power from renewable energy sources into its generation capacity.
23 May, 2017

Solar roof top programme to transform the energy landscape of Varanasi
CEED organised a national conference on solar energy in Varanasi and released an exhaustive report titled ‘Vibrant Varanasi: Transformation through Solar Rooftop’. The report highlights the holy city’s energy infrastructure and unveils its solar rooftop potential of 676 megawatt (MW), which can be generated by using only 8.3% of Varanasi’s roof-space.
20 May, 2017

CEED urged Government to develop a roadmap for sustainable and clean UP
Owing to the massive energy deficiency and rising air pollution levels in the cities of UP, CEED demanded the state government to formulate policies to promote renewable energy and clean air action plan on priority.
18 April, 2017

Delhi’s air still unbreathable, confirms CEED’s report
CEED released a bulletin on ‘Ambient Air Quality for Delhi’ for the winter months that depicted alarming situation of air quality in our national capital. Not a single day in the four-month long winter season was noted under the ‘Good’ air quality category.
17 March, 2017

Air pollution at alarming levels in Patna, claims CEED’s report
CEED released a bulletin on ‘Ambient Air Quality for Patna’ for the winter months in 2016-17 that shows alarming level of air pollution in Patna.
17 March, 2017

CEED urges Patnaites to celebrate a pollution-free Holika Dahan
With Holika Dahan just a few days away, CEED conducted a survey on the bonfire practices in the city. The results of the survey revealed that 70% of the total bonfire samples were found with heaps of garbage such as plastic bags, old tyres, rubber products, leather cuttings and other waste materials along with wood.
10 March, 2017

School children urge Health Minister to issue advisory on air pollution
CEED along with its student volunteers met Health Minister, Shri Satyendra Kumar Jain at his residence today. The children urged him to issue health advisories in each ward of the city. This meeting is a follow-up to a previous meeting in August 2016 when the children handed the Minister petitions of over 1,00,000 citizens who demanded health advisories and an action plan for Delhi.
16 February, 2017

CEED urges Government of Bihar to formulate Clean Air Action Plan
Environmental experts from all over the country gathered at the National Conference on Clean Air Bihar organised by CEED in Patna. The conference aimed at discussing and demanding an immediate roadmap for a Clean Air Action Plan for Patna and other cities of Bihar, to protect the citizens from rising air pollution levels in the state.
7 February, 2017

Ghazipur Residents demand Health Advisory due to severe air quality
CEED organised a community dialogue with the residents of Ghazipur, Delhi. The event marked a silent protest to highlight the problems faced by the residents living around the Ghazipur landfill site because of the the deteriorating air quality in the area due to open burning of waste. The residents urged the Health Minister of Delhi, Satyendra Jain to take immediate action
5 February, 2017

CEED releases 100% UP Campaign Movie to prioritise environment in the upcoming UP election
CEED released a short film under the 100% UP Campaign. The movie includes Bollywood actors from UP advocating for clean UP and urging people to vote for clean environment in the upcoming state assembly election. The released video is part of the CEED awareness campaign to create a political consensus on the issue of environment for the upcoming UP election.
13 January, 2016

Varanasi and Allahabad had ‘zero’ good air quality days last year: Regional action plan needed to improve air quality
A new report launched by CEED, IndiaSpend and Care4Air at an air quality workshop, ‘Lifting the Smog’, has revealed that Varanasi and Allahabad, both had ‘zero’ good air quality days last year. The report bases its findings on Central Pollution Control Board’s 2015 data set and concludes that heavy industrial activity across the Indo-Gangetic belt has led to rapid degradation of air quality across north Indian region.
12 December, 2016

CEED organises 100% UP Campaign’s Paaryavaran Chunavi Jan Samvad Yatra in Agra
In collaboration with Amrita Vidhya – Education For Immortality Society, CEED organised the Paaryavaran Chunavi Jan Samvad Yatra in Agra. The campaign aims for sustainable development of the state with establishing renewable energy as main source of energy and setting sustainable action plan for clean air, clean water access and effective waste management.
8 December, 2016

CEED unfurls the 100% UP Campaign at Triveni Sangam in Allahabad
Along with civil society groups active in Uttar Pradesh, CEED unfurled the 100% UP Campaign banner at Triveni Sangam in Allahabad on Saturday. The event was marked with a boat rally in collaboration with several boat riders at Sangam that extended their wholehearted support to the campaign towards clean rivers and clean environment.
3 Deceber, 2016

Patnaites Talk About Alarming Air Pollution Levels in the City
A recent survey on air pollution in Patna conducted by CEED reveals that 93% of the respondents are aware of the alarming levels of air pollution in the city. A majority of the respondents also suggested that they are willing to bear higher taxes levied on them provided the Government takes strict actions to combat the menace of air pollution in the city.
29 November, 2016

CEED releases Public Manifesto on Environment for upcoming UP Assembly Election: Four major political parties give commitment for election manifesto on environment
CEED along with civil society groups active in Uttar Pradesh released the public manifesto on environment for the next year state assembly elections.
26 November, 2016

CEED’s 100% UP campaign to urge political parties to include environment in the manifesto: Organised civil society consultation in Jhansi
CEED along with Bundelkhand Civil Society organised a civil society consultation in Jhansi. The consultation was held under the banner of 100% UP Campaign that aims at creating a sustainable environment in the state by moving towards renewable energy; highlighting measures for healthy air and clean water, and ensuring proper waste management.
18 November, 2016

CEED launches 100% UP campaign to urge political parties to include environment in the manifesto
The 100% UP campaign aims at creating a sustainable environment in the state by moving towards renewable energy; highlighting measures for healthy air and clean water, and ensuring proper waste management.
13 November, 2016

CEED Releases Report on Ambient Air Quality for Five Cities in UP
CEED released data from the 24 hour monitoring of ambient air quality of late monsoon months (August- September), in five cities across Uttar Pradesh.
26 October, 2016

Varanasi Air Quality needs immediate attention: CEED demand for clean air action plan for Varanasi
CEED launched a report, “Ambient Air Quality in Varanasi” that gives out a detailed analysis of the deteriorating air quality in the city. The report comprises of a critical analysis of the data on air pollution in Varanasi during the monsoon months.
19 October, 2016

Patna: World Car Free Day Carnival
Patna celebrated its first World Car-free Day on Thursday to encourage motorists to give up their cars for a day and raise awareness about the alarming pollution levels in the city.
22 September, 2016

CEED Demands healthy breathable air, Urges Government to fight indoor air pollution
CEED organised a national conference on ‘Indoor Air Pollution’ to urge the Govt. of Bihar to formulate policies and programme to create smokeless environment for healthy and breathable air.
22 August, 2016

CEED demands for a “Clean Cooking Bihar” Environment friendly cook stoves given to beneficiaries
Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) launched ‘Clean Cooking Bihar’ campaign by giving 12 environment friendly cook stoves to highlight the issue of air pollution in Patna.
28 June, 2016

Patna’s ambient air quality requires Intensive Care Unit (ICU) CEED demand for clean air action plan for Bihar
A new report “Ambient Air Quality Analysis” for Patna revealing the new data of ambient air quality in the city was released by CEED.
8 June, 2016

CEED Welcomes the Delhi Solar Roof Top policy and urged for speedy Implementation
Help Delhi Breathe collation partners and Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED), welcome the decision of the Government of Delhi to approve the solar roof top policy.
7 June, 2016

CEED launches Help Delhi Breathe Campaign
CEED launched its air pollution campaign under the name of ‘Help Delhi Breathe’ to curb air pollution in the city. The campaign will mobilize support of 5-7 lakh people with the help of ‘Auto Rickshaws’ to promote clean energy through ‘Solar Roof Top Program’ in Delhi.
20 May, 2016

Students demand Government for Concrete Action to Curb Air Pollution in Patna
Over 350 students of B. D. Public School, laid their bodies down to form a giant human banner “ Care for Air” to draw attention towards poor air quality in Patna.
8 February, 2016

CEED Released a report titled-‘Towards Healthy Air for Patna, to curb air Pollution’
Every lungful of breath we inhale in Patna often contains high Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM), much above the permissible limits. As per the World Health Organization1 (WHO), Patna is second most polluted city with high level of concentrated particulate matter.
17 January, 2016

Paris Climate agreement advocates for low carbon development framework Bihar must set out an aggressive renewable energy pathway
The recently concluded climate change agreement (COP 21) at Paris ended with hope to keep the global temperature rise to well below 2 degree Celsius and making a strong effort to bring it down to 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels.
17 December, 2015

Young students exhibits the exemplary responsibilities to protect environment
The Champions of Earth Award ceremony, for excellence in exhibiting the leadership skill and proliferating the message to go for sound and sustainable environment, was organised by CEED at Patna Central High School.
15 December, 2015

CEED demands a major share of Renewable Energy for Bihar under the INDCs
As the nation pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday, the Government of India (GOI) announced its much-awaited Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to combat climate change ahead of the Paris summit to be held in December, 2015.
2 October, 2015

CEED releases Renewable Energy MANIFESTO for Political Parties in Bihar Bollywood Personality, SWARA BHASKAR joins the Campaign for 100% RE Bihar
Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) unveiled the “Public Manifesto for Renewable Energy” to all major political parties of Bihar in a Press Conference organised in Patna today. The Public Manifesto was unveiled by famous Bollywood personality and Bihar native, Swara Bhaskar
10 September, 2015

Students from St. Xavier School Patna form giant human art sign to spread message on renewable energy
Hundreds of students joined Centre for Environment and Energy development (CEED) on national renewable energy day, to form a giant human art design “Renewable Energy empowering Bihar”.
20 August, 2015

CEED Launched 100% Renewable Energy (RE) campaign for growing Bihar Civil Society Groups to Mobilise 100000 support for Renewable Energy
CEED, along with local civil society groups launched a 100% Bihar RE campaigns with a focus on decentralised renewable energy (DRE) project for growing Bihar.
31 July, 2015

Policy development framework for renewable energy recommended for efficient energy access program in Bihar
Energy Minister of Bihar, Shri Bijendra Prasad Yadav assured the investors and other stakeholders to create a development and policy framework for energy access through network of micro and mini grids powered by renewable energy to ensure “energy to all”.
16 July, 2015

Young Minds Pledged To Protect The Environment
More than 350 students at Shoshit Samadhan School pledged to take action towards protecting the environment.  The students expressed their views in a paintings competition held at school premises on the occasion of “World Environment Day”.
5 June, 2015