Press Release: CEED urged government for Clean Air Action Plan for Jharkhand

Experts discussed the health effects of air pollution and the need for urgent action

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27th April 2019, Ranchi: Center for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) organized a stakeholder Dialogue ‘Towards Healthy Air”’ in the city today to address critical air pollution in the state of Jharkhand. The experts discussed the health issues and various strategies for air quality management, public health protection and emission reduction. The city dialogue brought together the key target groups including medical professionals, civil society groups and industry representatives who are involved with city governance and air pollution. The experts from the workshop recommended for a regional approach to control air pollution and urged government for city specific Clean Air Action Plan.

Emphasizing the need to take immediate action to curb the level of air pollution in the state of Jharkhand, CEED’s Senior Program Officer Ms. Ankita Jyoti said, “Many cities of Jharkhand including Ranchi are facing alarming levels of air pollution and immediate action is required to control it. Considering the rise in the levels of air pollution across the state, Ms. Jyoti urged the government to act now to stop Ranchi from turning into a gas chamber. We urge the government to address this grave environmental concern by formulating Clean Air Action Plan for the state to urgently bring the situation under control. The Clean Air Action Plan, like any other enforcement framework should have a set of action priorities as per the emission source, recognized regulations, and management measures

for the mitigation of air pollution; along with institutional arrangement, she concluded.

While speaking at workshop,

Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, Head-Community and Family Medicine, AIIMS-Patna, said “Air Pollution is the third highest risk factor for death and disability in Jharkhand. The study published by British Journal Lancet Commission, predicted that nearly 100 deaths per 1 lakh population in Jharkhand occurred due to air pollution in the Year 2016. He further said, “The air pollution related health problems and deaths are now well known and must be priority for government action. Dr. Agarwal further emphasized that there is lack of health data and we must focus on exhaustive health study on air pollution for informed policy decision making process. The health must be the central

focus point for any policy formulation on air pollution, he concluded.

CEED urges the state government to formulate a Clean Air Action Plan for the state of Jharkhand with watertight policies and well-defined interventions on short, medium and long term basis.

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