A progressive policy framework is important to make sure that there is a level-playing field and is key for social and economic development. CEED supports policy initiatives and various other tenets involved with renewable energy law at the federal-level. We also provide guidelines and tools for increased investment in renewable energy at the state-level.

CEED has been working closely with the government, investors, developers, renewable energy technology partners, policy think tanks and civil society groups to accelerate renewable energy development in Bihar.

  • Our 100% Bihar campaign run in 2015 has been instrumental in creating a political consensus on the issue of renewable energy amongst all the political parties. As a result of this, key political parties have highlighted renewable energy work in their manifestos.
  • Our efforts also resulted in the first Bihar Renewable Energy policy in 2011. The policy has been quite efficient resulting in clearances of several small and grid-connected projects.
  • CEED has also been working exhaustively on the Bihar Renewable Energy Policy for 2016. The state is targeting an installed capacity of 2969 Megawatt solar power, 244 Megawatt Biomass and Bagasse cogeneration and 220 Megawatt of small hydro power by 2022 in the state to meet the growing demand for power in a sustainable manner.

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