We come up with innovative solutions that help us in developing win-win policies through rigorous research and data-based analysis. Our team conducts surveys, does analysis and produces data in order to frame watertight reports that help in awareness generation for the media and the masses and also enable the government, policy-makers and think tanks to devise sustainable solutions.

We endeavour to connect with the masses and reach out to stakeholders by making use of innovative and creative mediums such as social media, videos, mobile technology and radio.

The campaigns led by CEED seek to amplify the voices towards protecting our environment. We provide a platform where people can themselves spread awareness and take action through active campaigning. By encouraging people to participate and be up-to-date with government plans and policies, we aim to create a sustainable environment for the present and future generations.

CEED seeks to contribute to environmental protection by carrying out environmental and energy policy research and drafting policy recommendations for national and local-level administrations; promoting the exchange of information between state institutions, local governments, business leaders, opinion leaders, NGOs, media and civil society; and enhancing environmental awareness through seminars, trainings and other activities.

We provide advisory support to companies and individuals to engage our experts in discussions on best practices in environment, energy, water audits, CSR planning, framework and implementation. Site specific research is supported by analysts and advisors who are experts in multiple subject areas. We are available to support you in one-on-one discussions, team meetings and presentations to senior executives.