Ex CM Mr Nitish Kumar visits the solar village Dharnai

Solar Energy is non-depleting, real and energy for future- Mr. Nitish Kumar.

Mr. Nitish Kumar, Ex CM of Bihar made a visit to Dharnai, a village in Jehanabad district and lauded the effort of CEED and others for setting up a solar micro-grid to provide electricity to about 2500 people who were living in darkness for 30 years. The village was in full action as people were waiting to see and listen to their beloved leaders. While addressing to people, Mr. Nitish Kumar clearly showed his deep appreciation for CEED, GREENPEACE and others in setting up the micro-grid and brining focus on renewable energy.

He spent time in inspecting the micro-grid and interacted with villagers. He also enquired about the impact of project on people’s life. He requested people to work more on renewable energy and emphasized that solar energy is the future energy and with the advancement of technology it can do well. He spoke about the limitation of coal and how climate change is impacting the lives of poor. He also made firm commitment to work towards renewable energy and requested people to do more be educated and educate others about the subject. He also talked about bring about changes and to replicate the model in other villages, bring about revolutionary changes by getting Bihar on the map of India as an energy rich state with the help of Decentralised Renewable Energy.

Dharnai Solar micro-grid could be the best way forward for energy access and truly can be a pathbreaking solution for about 400 million people who still live in darkness. The Dharnai solar micro-grid is based on “bottom-up” approach and advocates for proper energy infrastructure for rural electrification. The 100 Kw solar micro-grid at Dharnai is going to power about 500 households, 50 commercial shops and other social infrastructure like Schools, hospitals and panchayat bhawan etc.