Energy Collective Bihar and Jharkhand

As you know Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) has been involved in creating sustainable solution to maintain a healthy, rich and diverse environment in the Indo-Gangetic region with focus on sustainable development. CEED primarily works on the thematic issues of clean energy, clean air, clean water and zero waste solutions by creating an enabling environment and policy framework to scale up investments in low carbon development, climate mitigation and adaptation. CEED has contributed towards pathbreaking solutions on clean energy and air in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. Taking an inclusive approach, CEED engages with government, indus- tries, leaders, think-tanks, and public to create environmentally responsible and socially just solutions.

As you know we are living in the age of an unprecedented crisis, and adapting to ‘new normal’ in the wake of Corona/COVID-19 pandemic which has engulfed the entire world never seen in recent memo- ry. Indeed, this has impacted our daily chores but not the morale of human kind and we are all united to defeat the ill-effects of this pandemic along with looking into opportunities it has brought in. The Covid-19 crisis has forced us to think and act differently yet motivated to use this opportunity to re- energise ourselves and continue our effort for shared vision of sustainable human development.

In order to take our work forward, CEED has decided to take some formidable initiative on digital platform for information exchange in efficient manner. We are forming an “Energy Collective- Jharkhand” on ‘WhatsApp platform’ to share insights and domain knowledge on thematic area of clean energy. Apart from this, we are organising a series of Webinar to constructively discuss the pressing issues related to DRE, Solar Roof Top, Large scale RE, and Innovative RE technologies; and last but not the least the larger issues of power sector reforms. 

Some of the objectives of such initiatives are as follows:

– Th digital initiative will promote sharing of ideas among the stakeholders on various issues related to power Sector and Renewable Energy in Jharkhand

– The initiative will facilitate the effective exchange of information related to power sector updates including renewables, policies, programs, best practices and     all other things that helps us to take in- formed decisions

We hope that you will have an engaging experience of these digital/virtual initiatives. We encourage constructive ideas and insights and best use of the technologies for our mutual benefits.

With Regards’

Ashwani Ashok