Today, 28th January 2016, Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) launched the ‘Care for Air’ campaign for reducing pollution in Patna to help improve ambient air quality.

The campaign urges the government to implement a ‘solar roof top program’ to reduce emissions from diesel in the non-domestic sector. It will witness rickshaw pullers mobilising public on the street to gain support for clean energy, and raise awareness about increasing levels of air pollution in the city.  

The campaign will be implemented in collaboration with Sammaan Foundation for one month across the city. “The Patna air quality is poor and deteriorating faster, and nobody can say better than me”, mentioned by Mr. Krishna Prasad Gupta, a rickshaw driver in the city. Due to inhalation of poor air on daily basis is leading to major health risk. “Burning of eyes, nose and throat irritation is something we witness everyday, said Mr. Krishna. “I request the Bihar government to immediately implement the ‘Solar Roof Top Program’ to stop emissions from diesel in non-domestic sector to control pollution” he concluded.

While speaking at the event, Ms. Ankita Jyoti, Program Manager, CEED said, “the Patna air quality is deteriorating, witnessing red air quality days, and aggravated concentration of particulate matter. The diesel generators in the city are contributing to pollute air further. Swapping diesel with clean and renewable energy can stop this. All of us need to take action now, if we want our air to be clean and healthy”,she concluded.

While flagging off the rickshaws to seek support from public for cleaner energy, Mr. Irfan Alam, Director, Sammaan Foundation said, “the rickshaw community is immensely exposed to air pollution and they are taking responsibility as flag bearers to facilitate the ‘Care for Air’ campaign in Patna. Action is required by everyone to improve the quality of air we breathe. The campaign provides an opportunity for the public to support and participate which will have an impact on air quality”, he further added.

While concluding the event, Mr. Naveen Mishra, of CEED said, “The 200 rickshaw drivers in Patna will be the ambassadors for ‘Care for Air’ campaign to help Patna breathe. The campaign is about promoting measures to help improve ambient air quality and indeed breathe better together. The implementation of the solar roof top program in city –means clean air, healthy neighborhood, and less money spent on respiratory illness”. It is a small step towards a series of strong steps to be taken to improve the air quality in the city” he concluded.

The brand ambassadors of ‘Care for Air’ campaign at the event were wearing air masks to highlight the health problems created by polluted air. City dwellers are encouraged to sign up the petition for taking action to curb air pollution.