“Communication workshop on “Trans Energy trade” between India and Nepal”


Patna, 21st June, 2019: The Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED), organised a communication workshop on ‘Trans-Boundary Energy trade between India and Nepal’ in the city today with an intent to engage in an open discussion for strengthening the current initiatives in South Asia for renewable energy trade thus supporting low carbon development pathway in the region.

The communication workshop was an attempt to inform and aware stakeholders about opportunities in cross border renewable energy trade. The objective is to create a narrative on how the solar power from Bihar during the pre-monsoon period can assist Nepal and the hydro power from Nepal can assist in managing Bihar’s winter loads.

While talking at the workshop, Mr. Ramapati Kumar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), CEED, highlighted the renewable energy potential of Bihar. He said, “Bihar is a fast growing economy and is experiencing a rapid rise in the peak power demand but despite availability of huge potential, contribution of renewable energy is only 326.15 MW”. He emphasised on the need to look at the local renewable resources available in excess during the peak hours to be traded for better energy access, low cost and less wastage solutions.

“Electricity trade with Nepal will result in higher exports of electricity initially allowing India’s power plants to earn more export revenues, and later by reducing the need for fresh investment in domestic power production and instead meeting the domestic demand through imports from Nepal. On both occasions, India gains economically and environmentally” added Mr. Kumar.

He further urged the government to address the effective implementation of cross border renewable energy trade with Nepal that not only help Bihar in meeting its present energy requirement but also improve energy security and reliability via diversification of supply through clean energy sources.

The communication workshop was attended by media personnel from all over Bihar. Besides discussing the probable challenges, possibilities and range of benefits to both Bihar and Nepal trough the RE trade, workshop also highlighted the need to contribute to a of low carbon economy and create conditions for a sustainable market for investment and the implementation of trans-boundary energy trade.

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