Children take action for clean air in Delhi

New Delhi, 4th June 2016. Hundreds of children with the help of Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED) team and National Bal Bhavan gathered together to celebrate World Environment Day.

Awareness was generated through massive march past with students representing various elements of natural environment. “Children’s voices matter, and we want the government to take action to control air pollution”, said Arohi of class IV who participated in the formation of the banner.“We want Delhi’s government to implement Solar roof top program on priority to get rid of regular power cuts and to curb air pollution. Renewable energy is a good way to improve city’s air pollution”, added Avadh of class VII.

Mrs Asha Bhattacharjee, Assistant Director, National Bal Bhavan while expressing her concerns on the city’s air pollution, added that “This amazing activity brought together many children to create a visually interactive march past with colorful costumes representing their views. It’s important for children to learn about their city because they will take this message forward.”

#HelpDelhiBreathe is an ongoing educational campaign to bring awareness on the growing air pollution in the city.  The possible solution to city’s energy security can be solved by implementing solar roof top program. Just 36 square kilometers or mere 2.42 % of Delhi’s total roof-space can generate more than 2,500 MW of electricity through solar energy. Delhi can also reduce 2 million tons of Co2 (carbon dioxide) by switching to solar, and it will improve the overall air quality.

Mr. Naveen Mishra, Operations Head – CEED elucidates “This March was an urge from the people of Delhi, especially the young children to take positive initiatives in order to restore a favorable and healthy environment in the city. Renewable energy is a tactical solution to meet our energy needs”.

Through this campaign, CEED has urged the Delhi government to implement solar roof top program as a priority. Its execution will serve the government’s twin purpose of making the city’s air clean & breathable; and facilitating a green solution to resolve the energy crunch in the city.