CEED’s Planet Paltans celebrate Bihar’s new RE Policy 2017 on World Environment Day


Planet Paltan marked 44th World Environment Day by urging people to “Connect with Renewables”

CEED along with its environment action group ‘Planet Paltan’, celebrated the 44th World Environment Day in Patna. Over 50 Planet Paltan members gathered to send out a positive message “Connect with Renewables- Clean Energy, Clean Air, Clean Bihar”; and urged the citizens of Patna to go renewable. The theme for the World Environment Day this year is  ‘Connecting People to Nature’ that highlights the need to realise the vital relationship we share with mother nature. Planet Paltans have been actively involved in raising awareness about environmental issues all round the year, and planned an awareness activity in the city to celebrate the day.

These green warriors joined hands to congratulate the Bihar Government for approving the ‘Bihar Policy for Promotion of New and Renewable Energy Sources 2017’. They opined that the new policy will change the face of Bihar in the energy sector, and empower Bihar to take lead in solar energy generation. The all-inclusive policy is expected to make the state energy sufficient in the next five years, and aspires to add 3433 MW of power from renewable energy sources into the generation capacity. It will also benefit the overall economic development, skill development, manufacturing, R&D, and employment opportunities in Bihar.

Suryansh, a member of Planet Paltan participating in the event said that “Being environmentally conscious, I consider it my duty to encourage the use of clean energy. Bihar Governments’s new renewable energy policy has the power to transform the way we look at solar energy. We are here to raise awareness among the citizens of Bihar on what the policy stands for. With this policy, the Bihar Government has made a major breakthrough to mitigate the energy crisis, and as responsible citizens, we must also follow suit and support renewables.

CEED’s Programme Officer- Clean Energy, Ms. Pooja Kumari encouraged people to become active agents in making Bihar the future leader in terms of clean energy. “Not many of us know that 1000 MW will be generated through solar rooftop projects to transform the cities of Bihar into energy-sufficient cities. Through this activity, we aim at enhancing public knowledge and proactiveness, since the government has already played its part so that the dream of an energy sufficient Bihar becomes a reality soon.”