CEED Welcomes the Delhi Solar Roof Top policy and urged for speedy Implementation

New Delhi, 7th June, 2016: Help Delhi Breathe collation partners and Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED), welcome the decision of the Government of Delhi to approve the solar roof top policy.

The issue was a part of the 70 pointer agenda of Aam Aadmi Party but has been hanging in the air since long. While reacting on this phenomenal development, Mr. Ramapati Kumar, CEO, CEED expresses that “we welcome the new solar energy policy approved by Delhi Cabinet and consider it as a much needed step in right direction. This policy will have long term impact towards improving the environment of the city and give boost to the development of clean energy generation in the country. But most importantly, it will help Delhi to move away from dirty coal which is currently the main source of electricity supply in the city. The initiative will reduce over 1 million ton of Co2 every year and will help the city to breathe clean air. Small steps like this will certainly go a long way to help Delhi breathe.”

CEED along with its collation partners are running a campaign in Delhi to mobilize support for solar roof top policy. The campaign is implemented with the help of auto and electronic rickshaws. The people of Delhi have shown a positive response towards this campaign in order to curb the air pollution in the city.

“The policy will also create new employment opportunities. We need skilled human resources for the installation and maintenance of the solar rooftop projects spread out in such a large scale. This new development will also open new avenues for the city’s youth”, mentioned by Mr. Abhishek Pratap, an independent energy analyst. “The concept of generation based incentive along with tax exemption and subsidies will help in the affordability of solar energy for the masses”, Mr. Pratap further said. “While we extend our whole hearted support and cooperation to this phenomenal initiative by the Delhi Government, we would also urge the government to reconsider target. We believe that 2 GW of solar energy can easily be built in Delhi by 2020 by just occupying 1.6 % of city’s roof space. With the prices of solar energy slashing and expected to reach the grid by 2018, we urge the Delhi Government to increase the target to 2 GW by 2020”, Mr. Kumar Concluded The idea of CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and RESCO (Renewable Energy Supply Company) model of ownership for solar rooftop is a good step; micro-utility model for Resident Welfare Association (RWAs) should also be promoted.

Virtual net metering is a smart concept for occupants living in high-rise buildings and we hope that the technical support system will be convenient for end users and do not become a hindrance against the growth of solar energy in the city, Mr. Pratap added further. CEED wishes effective implementation of the policy and offer our support and help in the implementation and promotion of the same. We have been working with ideas around solar rooftop which we will share with the government in due course of time.