CEED releases Public Manifesto on Environment for upcoming UP Assembly Election: Four major political parties give commitment for election manifesto on environment

thumb_img_0088_1024CEED along with civil society groups active in Uttar Pradesh released the public manifesto on environment for the next year state assembly election. The public manifesto has been launched under the banner of 100% UP Campaign (1). The campaign was launched earlier this month with aims for sustainable development of the state with establishing renewable energy as main source of energy and setting sustainable action plan for clean air, clean water access and effective waste management.

Uncontrolled growth and unsustainable urbanization has created a havoc in Uttar Pradesh, the most populace state of India with four of it’s cities listed as world’s 20 most polluted cities. Climate change, the biggest socio-environmental crisis of modern era, has also hit the state hard because of its massive vulnerable and economically weaker population. The 2005 inventory suggest that UP is the highest CO2 emitting state in India with contribution of nearly 14% greenhouse gases. Further, 85 million people including 5 million in urban areas, of the state are still living without access to modern electricity. Lack of proper solid waste disposal system further adds to the crisis, causing significant adverse impact on quality of lives and public health as well as degrading natural resources like land, water and air.

Talking about 100% UP Campaign during Manifesto release programme, Mr. Ramapati Kumar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CEED said that for many decades, UP’s development trajectory has been lopsided. While UP has witnessed tremendous development with new opportunities are opening up in the past couple of years, the environment has got severe beating. No state can ensure quality of life for its people, if environment around it are not protected. This is the moment when we need to prioritize safeguarding our air, our river and our land to ensure lives and livelihood of millions in the state. Now, it is not just environmental agenda of some activists but social and political agenda which all political parties of the state should embrace.”

The event was well-attended by leaders and spokespersons of major political parties, members of the civil society, academicians, university students, journalists, and several other dignitaries from Lucknow. All the major political parties from UP including Congress, BJP, SP, RLD and Peace party extended their support to the 100% UP Campaign by agreeing to include the public manifesto on environment as part of their election manifesto for the upcoming UP assembly elections in 2017.

The 100% UP Campaign is a call to action campaign that aims to mobilise 10 lakh people to support the inclusion of agendas for clean air, clean water, clean energy and sustainable waste management solutions in the manifesto of the political parties for the upcoming State Assembly Elections in 2017. The 100% UP Campaign has been traveling across the state and hosting events, open house discussions, workshops, parliamentary debates, street plays, and other media events. Through these events, the campaign has been engaging with different civil society groups, youth communities, political leaders, media personnels and the citizens of UP to gain support for the campaign and urge their political parties to pay heed to their demands. The 100% UP campaign is an initiative by more then 350 civil society groups led by CEED and Care4Air.

Ekta Shekhar from Care4Air said that we cannot afford to delay any further and must make immediate course-correction to safeguard the environment. UP’s environmental condition is deteriorating by each passing day and immediate aggressive actions must be take by the government to curb this situation.