CEED releases 100% UP Campaign Movie to prioritise environment in the upcoming UP election

As part of CEED’s 100% UP campaign to raise awareness and create a political consensus on the issue of environment in the upcoming elections, CEED released a short film in Lucknow today. The movie includes Bollywood actors from UP advocating for clean UP and urging people to vote for clean environment in the upcoming state assembly election. CEED along with civil society groups in the state have previously released a public manifesto on environment, which they demand to include in the political party manifesto. The movie features renowned entertainment personalities like Saurabh Shukla, Sudhir Mishra, Nikhil Dwivedi, among others who have extended their support to the 100% UP Campaign.

Launched in September 2016 by CEED along with other civil society groups, more than 25 lakh people and 19000 community leaders from over 35 districts in UP have joined the 100% UP campaign. It has also weaved a strong network of more than 600 NGOs that conducted a series of awareness activities including street plays, public consultations, photo-op events and other mobilisation activities to garner strength for the cause of the environment. A wide range of stakeholders including the youth, farmer community, women groups, think tanks, academicians, media and political groups have whole heartedly supported the campaign. All political parties in UP have gone on record and promised to include the agenda of environment focussing clean air and clean energy in their manifesto for the upcoming UP state election in 2017.

Elaborating about the the 100% UP Campaign, Ramapati Kumar, CEO and Founder of CEED, urged all the political parties to consider the public manifesto on environment that has been collaborated in consultation with the people and civil society groups of the state. Kumar said, “We do hope that the voices of 25 lakh people must not go unheard. No state can ensure the quality of life for its people, if environment around it is not protected. This is the moment when we need to prioritise safeguarding our air, our river and our land to ensure lives and livelihood of millions in the state.” Kumar further added that “The issue to protect the environment is no more an agenda for some activists, but a social and political agenda that must be embraced and acted upon by all political parties. The election is the perfect platform to set the new vision for a clean and healthy UP”, he concluded. Rapid urbanization and development has led to many problems in UP. The most important is climate change. According to the World Health Organisation, four of world’s 20 most polluted cities are in UP. As per the 2005 inventory, UP is the highest emitting state of India that contributes to nearly 14% of national greenhouse gases. 80 million people in the rural parts of the state, and 5 million people in urban area, are still living without access to modern electricity. Improper solid waste disposal has compromised the quality of land, water and air.

While talking at the press conference, Mr. B. C. Srivastava from SES said that, “the people across the state have asked the political parties to work for clean UP and have urged them to prioritise the issue environment in their political manifesto. Under the 100% UP Campaign, several activities have been conducted in the past four months in order to reach out to maximum people and sensitise them on the issues pertaining to environment.”

While concluding the Press Conference, Mr. Sanjay Rai of AIM Trust, highlighted the importance of gaining a political consensus on the cause of environment. He emphasized that by achieving a consensus, the civil society groups shall work with a more positive and collaborative approach with the political parties in order to create a sustainable and cleaner future for UP.

The 100% UP Campaign is an initiative led by CEED and Care4Air to bring together communities, civil society groups and political leaders on one platform and work together towards a sustainable environment for the state of UP. The campaign has been traveling across the state and hosting events, open house discussions, workshops, parliamentary debates, street plays, and other media events.

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