CEED celebrates Akshay Urja Diwas in Varanasi


Citizens gather to propagate renewable energy message at the Assi Ghat

On 20th August 2017, CEED along with citizens of Varanasi celebrated Akshay Urja Diwas (Renewable Energy Day) at the Assi Ghat to spread the message of clean renewable energy, a critical factor for the development of the city. The activity was organised to spread awareness about the benefits of renewable energy, and ensure 24X7 power for all. Through this initiative, citizens demanded a switch to renewable energy sources in order to achieve the ambition of making Varanasi India’s first renewable powered city.

On the occasion, CEED’s Programme Director, Abhishek Pratap, said, “The day offers an opportunity to help accomplish the goal of turning Varanasi into India’s first truly renewable powered smart city. Environmental consciousness of the vibrant Varanasi reflects from the fact that hundreds of citizens from various parts of the city, within the span of a few weeks, have pledged their rooftops for solar energy. The city is in urgent need of transformation through massive infrastructural development in an environmentally conscious manner, and renewable energy sources like solar energy, offer such transition in a cost effective way.”

CEED is supporting a citizen campaign called ‘Pledge My Rooftop’ to support the Central and State Government to achieve the target of making Varanasi as India’s first smart city to be fully powered through renewable energy sources.

Recently, CEED released a report named “Vibrant Varanasi: Transformation Through Solar Rooftop”, which outlines a potential of 676 MW of solar energy in Varanasi by using around 8% of the existing roof spaces. The report also presents a roadmap of solar rooftop development in the city with 300 MW of solar energy inclusion in the grid in 10 years, which can help save 1490 million INR in the next 10 years. Solar energy is a sustainable, cheaper and non-polluting alternative to meet the rising energy crisis required by Varanasi.

The Chief Guest at the event, eminent social worker, Dr. Dayashankar Mishra (Dayalu) said, “It is heartening to see so many people come together to spread the message of clean energy to protect our environment. Development and promotion of renewable energy is important as it helps in protecting our environment, while also ensuring electricity supply to every one at all time in a cost-effective manner. The state government is really committed towards the promotion of renewable energy like solar to reduce dependence on the expensive and polluting conventional source of energy; and there are many schemes coming up to deliver this commitment on the ground.”

The event was well attended by the citizens of Varanasi from all walks of life to send across the message that the development of the city can be only be achieved by adopting renewable energy.