CEED and BIA jointly organize a roundtable on air pollution mitigation

101A7292The discussion focused on finding innovative solutions to reduce air pollution

CEED), in collaboration with the Bihar Industries Association (BIA), organized a roundtable on ‘role of industry in finding solutions’ to curb the rising air pollution. The representatives of several industries, manufacturers and other stakeholders participated in the discussion. The roundtable was an attempt to provide in-depth information on the salient features of the new environmental notification on the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016.  Besides presenting guidelines, the consultation also offered an exchange of knowledge in finding innovative and creative solutions to reduce air pollution caused by the hospitality industry.

Mr. Abhishek Pratap, Director-Programs, speaking at the event said, “The discussion focuses both on environmental guidelines and solutions to control the emissions, covering a number of activities. While the transport sector has attracted the most attention, less reported is the contribution of other polluters to the problem, particularly construction activities. The measures to reduce and control pollution from this sector are relatively inexpensive and cost-effective, and the construction industry needs to incorporate these into an environmental management strategy.” Mr. Pratap hopes that the government will soon come up with a policy on Construction and Demolition Waste Management policy. Hotels and restaurants that use firewood and coal, mostly in tandoors are also an important source of air pollution and solutions to this problem can emerge from a deeper understanding of the diversity of issues and regions.

Mr. K.P.S. Keshri, President, Bihar Industries Association (BIA) said, “Today’s roundtable has provided opportunities for us to plan effective environmental management strategies to improve the quality of air. The discussion held at today’s roundtable will help the stakeholders understand the corresponding concrete measures that should be taken. It will foster positive engagement and is a step taken in the right direction.”