Bollywood celebrities rally for UP’s environment

Bollywood celebrities from Uttar Pradesh have come together before the upcoming state elections to raise their voice and protect UP’s environment.

I am 100% UP

As part of the 100% UP campaign led by CEED and Care4Air, renowned personalities including critically acclaimed director, Sudhir Mishra and National Film Award winning actor, Saurabh Shukla are urging citizens to vote for renewable energy, healthy air and clean water for all during this election.

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We believe that UP has the power to take an alternative path which is sustainable and protects its environment. The 100% UP movement aims to bring together different communities, civil society groups and political leaders on one platform, adopt innovative solutions and work together towards a clean and healthy state!

100% Environment = 100% Life


The upcoming elections are the fitting platform to create a political consensus to make the state self-sustainable and move towards a society that runs on 100% clean energy, clean air, clean water and zero waste solutions.

100% renewable energy

The 100% UP campaign demands include achieving at least 30% renewable energy by 2022 and 50% by 2030. Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) powered mini-grids are an efficient solution to the severe energy access crisis.

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Clean and healthy air!

The government needs to take emergency measures based on the air quality and issue health advisories. Air pollution data must be shared with citizens and air quality monitors must be installed in urban centers with a population of more than 2 lakhs.

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Save our rivers

By 2022, all towns and municipal corporation situated on the river banks must have proper sewerage system. Complete banning on releasing untreated sewerage in the river system.

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We believe that 100% clean energy, clean air and clean water can be a reality! Together we can ensure that UP and other states build a secure future. More than 3 million people have already joined the movement for a #CleanUP. Join them

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