100% UP campaign reaches Jhansi

Today, in collaboration with the Bundelkhand Civil Society, CEED organised a civil society consultation in Jhansi. The consultation was held under the banner of 100% UP Campaign that aims at creating a sustainable environment in the state by moving towards renewable energy; highlighting measures for healthy air and clean water, and ensuring proper waste management.

The consultation witnessed an open house discussion amongst the civil society groups in Jhansi. The members of the civil society shared their opinions on the current environmental issues in their city and state. The participating civil society groups aimed to create a consensus on the demands that they’d like the political parties to include in the upcoming state assembly elections in 2017.

Shedding light on the 100% UP campaign, Surabhi Shikha, Head of Programmes at CEED elucidated that “the campaign aims to give voices to the environmental issues that have been severely emerging in Uttar Pradesh due to the rapid development and urbanisation in the state. The air is getting more and more toxic by the day, and the pollution in the water bodies has reached to a severe level. Improper waste management and the increasing dependency on fossil fuels has further accelerated the environmental issues, she added. The campaign aims to to raise awareness and gather support from 10 lakh people with the help of civil society groups across UP. The support received shall become a unanimous voice that demands from the political parties to include it in their manifesto during the the upcoming state assembly elections in 2017. There has to be absolute political consensus to eradicate pollution from our daily lives”, she concluded.

Dhruv Singh Yadav from Bundelkhand Civil Society stated that the campaign is a brilliant initiative to raise awareness amongst the voters on the various environmental issues around them. It is therefore the responsibility of the civil society groups in the state to extend their support to it and strengthen the campaign in order to urge the contesting political parties to include our demands in their election manifesto.

Continuing the discussion, Mr. Sanjay Rai, national coordinator of Jal Jan Jodo Abhiyan appealed to the masses and the participant members of the civil society to join the campaign and encourage their political representatives and community leaders to extend their support to the 100% UP Campaign.

The event was graced by the local civil society groups from Jhansi, academicians, women community, representatives from marginalised communities, youth and media personnels. Concluding the open house discussion for the event, ex-Cabinet Minister, Pradeep Jain insisted that the vote should be segregated in terms of community and caste, rather should be based on issues. Due to the increasing environmental issues in Bundelkhand, several farmers have committed suicide. Mr. Jain further insisted the masses to be more aware on the various climatic changes and should take proactive steps to curb the menace and also demand from their political leaders to work for the same.